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About Hyundai Azera

Hyundai Azera, also called as Hyundai Grandeur, is a full-size and mid-size vehicle manufactured by South Korean automaker Hyundai since 2005. When Hyundai Azera was first introduced in 2005, it had been Hyundai's flagship model until the arrival of the Genesis sedan. It has won tons of awards including's Editor's Most Wanted and J.D. Power and Associates' Most Appealing Large car and so on. As the replacement of Hyundai Granada, Hyundai Azera slots between the mid-size Sonata and the Genesis sedan. Until 2016, it has been produced for two generations.
The first generation Hyundai Azera (2005-2011) was actually the fourth generation Hyundai Grandeur TG. It was offered in Limited, GLS, and Premium trim levels with optional LG Navigation system or Ultimate package. Hyundai Azera then was powered by 2.2 L VGT CRDI, 2.4 L Theta, 2.7 L Mu diesel inline 4-cylinder engines and 3.8 L Lambda V6 engine attached to 5-speed or 6-speed automatic transmission. The second generation Hyundai Azera (2011-2016) was the fifth generation Grandeur HG; it was officially unveiled at the 2011 Los Angeles International Auto Show. Trim levels were carried over from previous generation, so were the engine options though a new 3.0 L V6 engine was added. And the only available transmission is the 6-speed automatic transmission.

Hyundai Azera Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a sedan, Hyundai Azera is very practical in commuting. If you rely on it for transporting, you have the need to know how to diagnose and solve some common problems may happen to it. Here is what you need to learn:
First, died or stalls while driving. According to the car repair statistics site, this is the worst reported problem with the Hyundai Azera. In general, this has something with the engine. Hyundai Azera drivers found engine becomes noisy and performance reduces to stall and misfire even unable to start. Azera exhaust manifold gasket, drive belt and throttle body gasket may need a thorough inspection. And engine overheating is caused by the broken radiator hose or thermostat.
Second, suspension and braking failure. Based on Hyundai Azera owners' experience, braking failure is caused by a broken brake fluid pump, so you need keep an eye on it. While suspension failure often shows as vehicle tilting to one side, which cause uneven tire wear; bouncing while driving and bottoming out, we can basically assume that the Azera coil springs may be faulty.
Please pay close attention to door lock cylinder as well, if the door could not be unlocked, gets stuck or you cannot turn in the lock, you need to replace your Azera door lock cylinder. Cabin air filter could create a comfortable driving environment, fog light and washer pump are all essential parts in providing better driving vision for Hyundai Azera drivers, please make sure they are working as new as well.
Besides routine maintenance, you also need to get the old Azera parts replaced by the new OEM Hyundai Azera auto parts. Our website happens to own a wide selection of genuine Hyundai Azera parts at the lowest price. Any aftermarket parts could not match these OEM Azera parts in quality, reliability and durability. We will give you a satisfied shopping experience as hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service are also available.