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About Hyunda Elantra GT

Hyundai Elantra GT is a compact vehicle manufactured by Hyundai from 2013 to 2014. The first Hyundai Elantra GT was introduced in the United States in 2012 for the 2013 model year, replacing homely but spacious Elantra Touring nameplate. It was also the top-of-the-line model of Hyundai Elantra. Then it became an independent model marked in the USA and Canada as the Hyundai Elantra GT. However, in fact, Hyundai Elantra GT also can be seen as second-generation Hyundai i30's North American version.
The Hyundai Elantra GT made its premiere at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show along with the new Hyundai Elantra Coupe. It is a sporty, youth-oriented model. There were optional Style package and Tech Package with navigation system available. Back when it was first introduced, Hyundai Elantra GT was powered by 1.4 L, 1.6 L and 1.8 L inline 4-cylinder petrol engines as well as 1.4 L and 1.6 L inline 4-cylinder t/c diesel engines bolted to 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions. Now, Hyundai Elantra GT only gets power from a 2.0 L 4-cylinder engine that produced 173 horsepower and 154 pound-feet of torque coupled with the same 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions.

Hyundai Elantra GT Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Since Hyundai Elantra GT is actually the second generation Hyundai i30, which means it also shares some problem with the i30. For Hyundai Elantra GT owners, we have collected some common problems and solutions about it for your reference:
First, excessive oil consumption. This is a serious problem according to Hyundai Elantra GT drivers. They feel they have wasted a lot of money on it because as accumulation of mileage, Elantra GT will consume more oil for same distance than usual. Actually, on one hand, it is probably the oil filter or air filter get clogged, so the fuel economy becomes worse. On the other hand, fuel pump or oil pump may be leaking oil. So you had better get them all checked in case you also waste your cash.
Second, cooling system failure. In fact, cooling system failure has a very bad influence on engine performance. Hyundai Elantra GT owners have told that they have to add coolant constantly otherwise the engine would be overheating. Sometimes, they can also see steam coming from the radiator, the water pump pulley also gets loose. For your Hyundai Elantra GT's sake, you should keep the water pump, drive belt, thermostat housing and water pump gasket in the cooling system in the well-operating condition.
However, in order to keep your Hyundai Elantra GT at the best shape all the time so that its performance could get fullest play, you have to take good care of more auto parts. Wiper blade is a very useful auto part in cleaning off debris on windshield in extreme weathers such as heavy rain, windy, sandy and so on so that drivers can respond in time due to could see road ahead clearly. What's more, seat belt, fog light, headlight are all essential auto parts in making sure driving safety.
When faced with the selection of brand new Hyundai Elantra GT parts, you may have also considered aftermarket parts. However, our website carries a wide range of OEM Hyundai Elantra GT auto parts at the lowest price in the market. These genuine Hyundai Elantra GT parts are more reliable, durable and in higher quality as they all come with the manufacturer's warranty. Please shop with confidence as we also have hassle-free return policy and quickest delivery service.