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The Hyundai Entourage, a rebadged version of the Kia Carnival, was a 4-door minivan introduced in the North American market for the 2007 model year. Produced at Kia's Sohari Plant in South Korea, the Entourage came equipped with a V6 engine generating 242 horsepower and 251 lb-ft of torque, paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission. Accommodating up to seven passengers, the minivan offered optional features such as automatic climate control, power sliding doors, a 6-disc in-dash CD player, leather seating, and reverse sensors. Available in three trim levels-base GLS, SE, and Limited-the Entourage catered to varying customer preferences. The 2008 model saw significant updates, with the old V6 engine replaced by a 3.8L Lambda V6 capable of 250 horsepower and 253 lb-ft of torque, maintaining its competitive position in the market. However, the Entourage was discontinued in 2009, with Kia reintroducing a revised version as a facelifted Kia Carnival featuring a new Tiger Nose grille and taillights.

While the Hyundai Entourage may not be as popular as other minivans, it's still cherished by a number of drivers who appreciate some guidance to maintain its performance over a longer period. A common issue reported by owners is an erratic engine that runs rough, stalls, or won't start, resulting in poor fuel economy. Metallic sounds while driving or intermittent activation of the Check Engine Light could be symptomatic of this problem. Replacing the Entourage timing chain tensioner, air filter, and oil filter, as well as checking the water pump gasket, can potentially resolve these issues. Suspension failure is another prevalent issue, characterized by the vehicle tilting to one side, bottoming out, and emitting excessive road and grinding noises while driving, turning, or braking. Additionally, uneven damage to the front tires and brakes and loss of steering when turning corners are further indicators of suspension troubles. Replacing components like the Entourage coil springs, coil spring insulator, and trailing arm bushing might be necessary in such instances. Moreover, to ensure continuous optimal performance of the Entourage, regular checks on the headlight and dimmer switch are advised, along with replacing the cabin air filter for better air quality, and maintaining the wiper blade for improved visibility. These steps can help ensure a more enjoyable driving experience.

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