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    Roadside Assistance Kit
  • Carpeted Floormats
    Carpeted Floormats
  • Charging Cable
    Charging Cable
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The Hyundai Equus, a luxury sedan that entered the U.S. market, has successfully positioned the South Korean automaker in the premium luxury segment, earning a reputation for its style and performance. As Hyundai's flagship model, the Equus boasts a 203.1-inch length and a 4,449 kg weight with rear-wheel drive. Initially offering V6 Sigma and V8 4.5 8A80 engines, the Equus later introduced the V6 3.0 Sigma, with the 8A80 engine optimized for unleaded gasoline. The second-generation Equus, codenamed VI, features a rear-wheel-drive system, a longer wheelbase, and a new powertrain, all built upon a brand-new chassis. The North American version sports a hood badge, horizontal grille pattern, and an iPad app in place of the traditional owner's manual. The 2013 model saw updates to the wheels, grille, radiator, side mirrors, taillights, instrument cluster, and center console. Equipped with an all-aluminum engine block, the VI system, dual-valve timing, and a chain drive, the Hyundai Equus stands out as the most efficient and economical car in its class. The 2009 sedan version offers VIP passengers additional luxury features, such as a massage system, electrically controlled footrests, and rear seat cushions. Combining style, speed, and luxury, the Hyundai Equus is the ideal choice for those seeking an elegant limousine experience.

While some parts in a vehicle like the Hyundai Equus are designed to last its entire lifespan, others are prone to wear and tear over time. Notably, issues arise when the exhaust starts emitting black soot, an issue reported on This could be due to a clogged Equus oil filter, a faulty fuel control sensor, or a leaking fuel injector. Checking not just the engine but also the exhaust system components, like the exhaust manifold gasket and the exhaust flange gasket, is advised. Another common problem is engine failure, often due to mileage accumulation. Parts like a clogged air filter can affect engine performance, causing rough running or power loss while accelerating, and a faulty spark plug can prevent the car from starting. It's beneficial to identify faulty parts before considering engine replacement. Despite these being the most common issues, routine maintenance shouldn't be neglected. Regular checks should be carried out on components like the antenna, which provides crucial information, the wiper blade that clears debris and improves visibility, and the seat belt that's critical for safety. Regular upkeep of these parts ensures a comfortable, safe, and pleasant driving experience.

Original equipment manufacturer parts are the best in terms of quality. Manufactured using the top materials to ensure their durability, genuine parts are the #1 choice to keep your vehicle at peak performance. They are also designed to match official Hyundai factory specifications for easy installation and a snug fit.Our website boasts an extensive inventory of OEM Hyundai Equus parts, available at the most competitive prices in the market. Should you require any new genuine Hyundai Equus parts, rest assured we will deliver them swiftly and efficiently to your doorstep. Furthermore, all our parts come with the assurance of a manufacturer's warranty.