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About Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a sports coupe manufactured by South Korean automaker Hyundai from 2008 to 2016. The first Hyundai Genesis Coupe was introduced on October 13, 2008 as Hyundai's first rear-wheel drive sports coupe. It shared the platform with the Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan and arrived at American market on February 26, 2009 as a 2010 model. Hyundai Genesis Coupe has been mainly produced through two generations.
The first generation Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2009-2012) was officially introduced at the 2008 New York International Auto Show. It was offered in eight trim levels altogether: 2.0T Base, 2.0T R-Spec, 2.0T Premium, 2.0T Track, 3.8 Base, 3.8 R-Spec, 3.8 Grand Touring and a 3.8 Track. The number in Hyundai Genesis Coupe's trim level name stands for it was powered by 2.0 L inline 4-cylinder engine and 3.8 L V6 engine. Available transmissions for it were 6-speed manual, 5-speed, 6-speed and 8-speed automatic transmissions. At the 2012 Detroit North American International Auto Show, American version Hyundai Genesis Coupe was unveiled as a 2013 model, which started the second generation (2013-2016). Besides trim levels from previous generation, special editions like Cosworth Genesis Racing Series, Genesis Coupe R-Spec and Bisimoto Engineering Genesis Coupe were also added. Engine and transmission options were still the same with previous generation.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

The most distinguishing features of Hyundai Genesis Coupe are its sportiness and cozy. Unfortunately, just like everything in the world, as accumulation of mileage, Hyundai Genesis Coupe would have problems:
First, suffered engine performance. Drivers often could see engine condition as the barometer of your vehicle. In Hyundai Genesis Coupe, owners described that engine performance decreased as misfiring, stalling and giving out rattling or whining sounds. What's more, due to leaking coolant, engine constantly overheats, owners have to only add coolant frequently but the engine performance is impacted severely so that hesitant acceleration happens. If your Hyundai Genesis Coupe appears similar symptoms, you had better get the oil filter, intake manifold gasket, timing chain, cylinder head gasket, fuel filter, timing chain guide and throttle body gasket.
Second, suspension and braking failure. According to Hyundai Genesis Coupe owners, suspension failure presents as intense car vibration, which also causes difficulty in handling as well as abnormal noise that distracts people's attention. As for braking improper operation, noisy brakes and pulsating brake pedal caused by faulty Genesis Coupe brake pad set and broken Genesis Coupe brake disc.
You have a lot to do if your Hyundai Genesis Coupe should be at the prime condition all the time. Some electrical parts such as parking assist distance sensor, cruise control switch and ignition switch deserve your extra attention as they are extremely vulnerable. And both headlight and wiper blade play important roles in providing bright vision, for your driving safety's sake, you had better make sure they are operating greatly all the time.
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