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Genuine Hyundai Genesis Accessories

Popular Hyundai Genesis Accessories
  • License Plate Frame
    License Plate Frame
  • Wheel Locks
    Wheel Locks
  • Seat Cover
    Seat Cover
  • Keychain
  • Car Cover
    Car Cover
  • Cargo Tray
    Cargo Tray
  • First Aid Kit
    First Aid Kit
  • Cargo Organizer
    Cargo Organizer
  • Rear Bumper Applique
    Rear Bumper Applique
  • Roadside Assistance Kit
    Roadside Assistance Kit
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The Hyundai Genesis, an executive full-size luxury sedan, was developed by Hyundai as a "premium sports sedan" and was first introduced in 2008. The design process took three years and cost an estimated $533 million, culminating in a vehicle that was seen as subverting the grammar of luxury. The first-generation Genesis, available worldwide except in Europe, was introduced at the 2008 North American International Auto Show. It came with three engine options: the Tau V8 with an output of 375 hp, which was increased to 385 hp in 2010, and the Lambda 3.8 L and 3.3 L V6 engines. The model received a 5 out of 5 safety rating. In 2013, Hyundai launched the second-generation Genesis, which was inspired by the "Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis" concept. This model offered four engines: the Lambda 3.0 GDi, Lambda 3.3 GDi, Lambda 3.8 GDi, and Tau 5.0 GDi, with options for all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. In 2017, the Genesis branched out as an independent brand, and the sedan was subsequently renamed the G80.

Despite its luxurious design and advanced parts, the Hyundai Genesis isn't immune to wear and tear, necessitating timely diagnostics and replacement of aged parts. Common issues include engine stalling and reduced performance, manifesting as slow acceleration, poor fuel economy, misfiring, abnormal idling, and overheating due to coolant leaks. Engine parts like the oil filter, air filter, intake manifold gasket, timing chain, cylinder head gasket, drive shaft, fuel filter, and throttle body gasket should be inspected for potential issues. Another frequent problem is the failure of the suspension and braking systems, with symptoms including intense vehicle vibration, clunking noises, faulty parking assist distance sensor, noisy brakes, and pulsating brake pedals. Parts like the Genesis brake pad set, hydraulic hose, and brake disc should be inspected. The Genesis also experiences various electrical issues, with parts like the ignition switch and cruise control switch being particularly vulnerable. Maintenance of headlights, wiper blades, and wiper arms is essential for lighting the road ahead and ensuring clear visibility, thereby promoting driving safety.

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