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Since its introduction, Genesis GV60 has caused waves in the electric vehicle market with its advanced technologies, stylish aesthetic and variety of powertrain options. Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 share its dedicated electric vehicle platform, cementing its place as an established EV model. The GV60 comes equipped with several configuration options that range from basic trims featuring single motor setup, all the way through potency dual motor all wheel drive versions in premium versions - perfect for city driving conditions! The GV60 stands out with its distinctive emblem featuring Guilloche patterning and sleek clam hood, both elements further accentuating its modern aesthetic. Technologically, Face Connect stands out with facial recognition-based access and customization features as well as smartphone digital keys and wireless updates capability. Advanced and Performance models of the GV60 offer up to 483 horsepower when operating in boost mode and fast charging is estimated to reach 80% capacity within 18 minutes. Both trims come fully-equipped, featuring features like 20-inch wheels, LED headlights and an extensive driver assist suite in advanced trim; as well as more luxurious components like driver's seat massage functionality in performance trim - making the Genesis GV60 an unparalleled offering in its category of electric SUVs.

Genesis GV60 has a number of significant issues as reported by its owners, the most common of them being in the electrical system where it is hard to fully charge the car due to overheating Level 2 chargers necessitating manual restart. In addition, the home charger often stops abruptly and this causes inconveniences since some depend on it for daily charging. Powertrain is another major issue which affects Genesis GV60 and this entails difficulties in shifting gears. Reports from users indicate that at times GV60 may fail to change gears according to intended gear leading the vehicle immobilization thus requiring repair towing. Tire set up is another aspect of Genesis GV60 that owners are concerning about. The absence of a spare tire in GV60 could be a source of frustration in many emergency situations. Instead, a tire mobility kit comes with the GV60 that many people see as insufficient and difficult to use. These issues collectively underscore the necessity for Genesis to address the concerns to enhance the overall reliability of the GV60, especially given its positioning in the luxury electric vehicle market.

Opting for OEM parts is the ultimate decision for ensuring top-notch quality and optimal functionality. These parts undergo rigorous quality inspections and are meticulously crafted to meet Hyundai's factory standards, thereby guaranteeing a hassle-free installation process. If you're seeking quality and affordability, look no further than our extensive inventory of genuine Hyundai Genesis GV60 parts available at You can confidently purchase our OEM Hyundai Genesis GV60 parts as they are supported by the manufacturer's warranty and our hassle-free return policy, alongside the benefit of our fast delivery service.