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The Hyundai Nexo, launched in 2018, is a hydrogen-fueled crossover SUV replacing the Tucson FCEV as an electric vehicle. Unlike the Tucson FCEV, the Nexo is built on a dedicated platform, marking Hyundai's first dedicated fuel cell architecture. This new design brings improvements in terms of lighter weight, enhanced speed, and increased space. The 2019 Nexo, primarily available in certain parts of California, offers an SUV-like body with increased luggage space and features like a large 12.3-inch touchscreen, optional ventilated front seats, 17-inch alloy wheels, a virtual instrument panel, and automatic climate control. For safety, it includes automatic remote parking, lane departure warning, and a drowsiness alarm. The 2020 Nexo further improves the powertrain, offering 27 hp and 70 lb-ft more torque than the previous model, with a more potent permanent magnet motor that develops 161 hp and 291 lb-ft. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds and offers an impressive range of 370 miles on a single tank, thanks to three 52.2-liter fuel tanks. The 2021 Nexo includes comfort and safety features such as heated seats, navigation, compatibility with Apple and Android phones, and a two-spoke steering wheel, a digital instrument cluster, and transmission controls. The Nexo's interior is spacious and comfortable, with the Limited model boasting a larger trunk. It offers a range of up to 380 miles on a single charge, although hydrogen refueling is currently only available in California.

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