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Hyundai's 2023 Santa Fe Hybrid is their newest family-friendly SUV with a cool, boxy look. This longer version means more space inside for people and all their stuff. It has standout "H"-shaped lights, lots of trunk space, and comfy seats in the back. The gear stick has been moved up to the steering wheel area, so there's more room for things like phone chargers and drink holders in the middle. The big curved screen in front combines all the car and entertainment info you need in one place. This model sticks to the strong build of older models but brings in some new engine choices, including a regular petrol engine and two hybrids, leaving behind the old diesel and V6 options. With the Santa Fe Hybrid, you get a car that's not only roomy but also good on gas, going up to 34 miles for every gallon. As one of the top choices among SUVs such as Kia Sportage Hybrid and Honda CR-V models, its combination of comfort, savings on fuel, and overall performance make it a top pick among consumers.

The Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid has reported three major issues : service brakes, engine and engine cooling, and the fuel system. The service brakes have been problematic. Instances of brake failures leading to accidents and unexpected emergency braking events as well as some problems associated with brake recall repairs due to parts not available in time are common. Furthermore, the engine and cooling system encounters excessive oil consumption, loud knocking noise, complete engine shutdown while driving. These issues do not only signify severe internal damage but also poses risks of stalling as well as losing control of the vehicle. Besides there have been fuel leaks with the fuel system, failed fuel pumps, injector concerns which can lead to power loss or reduce acceleration. These issues raise concerns regarding the safety and reliability of the car prompting all Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid owners.

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