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About Hyundai Scoupe

Hyundai Scoupe is a 2-door coupé manufactured by South Korean automaker Hyundai from 1988 to 1995. The first Hyundai Scoupe was introduced in the United States in December 1988. From its name, we can assume that Hyundai Scoupe combines the features of sporty and coupe. Hyundai Scoupe was designed based on the Hyundai Excel and got replaced by the Hyundai Tiburon finally in 1996.
Hyundai Scoupe began sales in the United States in 1988. It was offered in Base, LS, Turbo, S-Coupe GT Turbo trim levels. The Scoupe GT, known as LS Turbo in the United States, is Hyundai's first attempt at a sports car. During its life, Hyundai Scoupe was powered by a 1.5 L 12-valve, direct-port fuel -injected inline 4-cylinder engine which could produce 92 hp, then this engine was upgraded to produce 115 horsepower. Hyundai Scoupe was also equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 5-speed manual transmission.

Hyundai Scoupe Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As Hyundai Scoupe is Hyundai's first sports car, defects on its design may exist. As time flies, Hyundai Scoupe owners have noticed some problems appear on it. In order to help more owners to diagnose and solve any problem on Hyundai Scoupe as early as possible, here we have collected some common problems and solutions:
First, runs roughly and slow acceleration. Some Hyundai Scoupe drives have put forward this is the most serious problem they have met. Specific symptoms include engine performance decrease and worse fuel economy as well as loss of power when accelerating. Sometimes, the engine would stall and misfire so that the engine could not stay running. When dealing with these symptoms, you are advised to check your Scoupe oil filter, Scoupe air filter, Scoupe intake manifold gasket or Scoupe timing chain tensioner. All in all, it has something wrong with engine.
Second, transmission failure. This problem in fact is very easy to diagnose. Hyundai Scoupe owners said that they have experienced difficulty in shifting gears, indicator showing inaccurate gear readings and sometimes they may not be able to remove the key from the ignition or turn the vehicle off. What's more, the vehicle either starts in another gear or does not go into gear at all. If you can also hear grinding noises from underneath the Hyundai Scoupe, then the Scoupe shift cable and Scoupe transfer case seal need to be inspected.
In order to extend your Hyundai Scoupe's life expectancy, you have to take preventative measures in advance. It means you need perform routine maintenance. In Hyundai Scoupe, door lock cylinder is rather vulnerable. Once it starts to wear, signs such as your key could not unlock the door, key gets stuck or cannot turn in the lock would appear. For your safety, you need replace broken door lock cylinder in time. Moreover, windshield wiper or wiper blade works as a cleaner to sweep off debris on windscreen so that driving vision won't get blocked. Seat belt could protect occupants against harm from sudden movement, but once its pretensioner gets activated, its function would decrease. So for your safety, you need to maintain them all regularly.
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