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The Hyundai Tiburon, a 2-door sports coupe produced from 1997 to 2008, served as a replacement for the Scoupe. Manufactured by South Korean automaker Hyundai, the Tiburon featured a front-engine and four-wheel-drive layout, initially assembled in Ulsan, South Korea, before expanding to other assembly bases worldwide. The Tiburon gained acclaim for its efficient performance, quality parts, and affordability. The base model featured a 1.8L Beta I4 engine, while the upscale FX had a 2.0L four-cylinder engine. A 2.7L V6 engine became standard for GT variants, and a 6-speed manual transmission was added for the top-notch SE model. The aggressive exterior styling featured sleek lines, ensuring a stylish and aerodynamic design. The spacious interior provided ample legroom, and the dashboard was designed with a modern, sporty touch. Primarily sold in the US and South Korea, sales peaked in 2002, with approximately 100,000 units sold worldwide. The Tiburon offered various equipment options over its production years, contributing to its popularity in the market before its discontinuation in 2008.

Despite its popularity, the Hyundai Tiburon is not immune to wear and tear, resulting in common issues like transmission problems and engine, suspension, and braking issues. The most frequently reported problem among Tiburon drivers is the clutch going out and slipping, characterized by difficulty in shifting gears, grinding noises from beneath the vehicle, and sporadic shifting between the four-wheel-drive system. These symptoms often indicate the need for a thorough inspection of the Tiburon's transfer case seal and clutch disc. Engine failure in the Tiburon manifests through hard starting, sluggish acceleration response, misfiring, and rattling sounds, likely due to a clogged fuel filter, broken rod bearing or throttle cable, worn timing belt, or faulty timing chain guide. Suspension problems may be traced to the Tiburon coil spring insulator, sway bar bushing, or sway bar bracket, while braking issues could arise from a broken parking brake cable and brake pad set. Additionally, it's essential to monitor the Tiburon's electrical and cooling parts, as the fan shroud and fan blade are prone to failure, leading to engine overheating and poor performance. Electrical components like the brake light switch, back up light switch, wiper switch, cruise control switch, and dimmer switch also tend to wear over time and should be regularly checked for optimal functionality.

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