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Genuine Hyundai Tucson Accessories

Popular Hyundai Tucson Accessories
  • Remote Start
    Remote Start
  • Keychain
  • Air Filter
    Air Filter
  • Paint Pen
    Paint Pen
  • License Plate Frame
    License Plate Frame
  • Wheel Locks
    Wheel Locks
  • Seat Cover
    Seat Cover
  • Cargo Tray
    Cargo Tray
  • Cargo Net
    Cargo Net
  • First Aid Kit
    First Aid Kit
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Introduced in 2004, the Hyundai Tucson is a compact crossover SUV that became Hyundai's best-selling model. Originally designed as a smaller version of the Hyundai Santa Fe, the first generation Tucson shared the same platform based on the Hyundai Elantra. The U.S. market had three trim levels: GLS, SE, and Limited. All models included standard features like a CD player, alloy wheels, electronic stability control, air conditioning, six airbags, premium cloth seats, and remote keyless entry. The second generation, launched in 2009, embraced Hyundai's "fluidic sculpture" design language, with sweeping coupe-like lines and was later updated with a new grille, front bumper, projector headlights, and taillights. The third-generation Tucson, introduced in 2016, saw improvements in structure with increased length and width, leading to more rear storage space. The latest fourth-generation Tucson, introduced in 2020, adopted a new N3 platform and featured striking geometric daytime running lights integrated into its design. This generation offers two different wheelbases, allowing customers to choose the model that best fits their needs. With its continued evolution, the Hyundai Tucson remains a popular choice among compact SUVs.

Hyundai Tucson owners often report issues such as lack of acceleration from stop and poor fuel efficiency, based on data from the car repair statistics site, These issues are typically indicated by a decrease in engine performance, strange rattling sounds from the engine, misfiring, delayed ignition timing, loss of power during acceleration, and the Check Engine Light activating. These symptoms might suggest that components such as the Tucson timing belt, air filter, drive belt, timing chain, and oil filter require attention. Other common issues include difficulty in shifting gears, attributed to a faulty clutch disc in the transmission system, and sluggish handling, often accompanied by strange noises from the car's underside, possibly due to issues with the Tucson sway bar bushing or wheel bearing. Braking failures are also not uncommon, signaled by noisy brakes and pulsating brake pedals, necessitating a check of the brake pad set and brake disc. Routine maintenance is also essential for frequently used parts like the wiper blades, which should be replaced annually in hot climates, and the wiper arm, which plays a crucial role in ensuring clear visibility. Even though the fog light is mostly used in adverse weather conditions, it's still of significant importance and should not be neglected.

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