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The Hyundai XG350 is a reliable and affordable luxury sedan known for its elegant interior materials, ample standard features, competitive pricing, and outstanding warranty. Over the years, the XG350 has consistently improved its components to provide a refined driving experience. In the 2004 model year, the XG350 saw numerous updates, including larger front brakes with 12-inch discs, a standard 16-inch spare tire replacing the previous 'space-saver' design, and redesigned front and rear bumpers, headlights (now with HID availability), tail lamps, grille, and deck lid with recessed license plate holder. The high-mounted stop lamp in the rear window also received a new design. Inside, the wood-tone trim was updated to a lighter shade, while the glove compartment and storage bins now featured charcoal gray material instead of black. Leather upholstery was available in solid deep charcoal or a two-tone finish. The L versions of the XG350 offered distinctive 12-spoke silver-painted alloy rims with center caps covering the lug nuts. Although the interior remained largely unchanged, minor updates included redesigned levers for the hood release and tilt steering column, a new cruise control switch, and leather trim around the console armrest tray. The Hyundai XG350's combination of style, comfort, and value made it a popular choice among consumers seeking an affordable luxury sedan.

The Hyundai XG350, with its stylish interior, extensive standard features, competitive price, and excellent warranty, is an appealing choice for many consumers. However, to ensure a consistently safe and enjoyable driving experience, it is crucial to be aware of common issues. One prevalent problem is the car intermittently lurching during a drive, often attributed to transmission issues. This may be accompanied by grinding noises from underneath the vehicle, mismatched gear indicators, difficulty in turning off the car or shifting gears, which could point to issues with the transfer case seal, shift cable, clutch disc, or clutch fork. Another common concern is engine failure, with symptoms such as whining noises, burnt oil smell, oil leaks, and poor engine performance that can lead to misfires, stalling, or hard starts. An illuminated Check Engine Light should prompt inspection of the oil filter, air filter, timing chain tensioner, timing chain, and fuel pump. To maintain the vehicle's performance and safety, prioritize regular maintenance of vulnerable parts like seat belts, wiper blades, windshield wipers, fog lights, headlights, and antennas, and replace components like seat belt pretensioners after activation during an accident.

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