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We offer a full selection of genuine Hyundai Brake Calipers, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Caliper results by selecting the vehicle.

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About Hyundai Brake Caliper

Brake caliper is one of the most important parts of the disc braking system. Some cars have the brake caliper in the front while some have it in the rear. It is a U-shaped component, and there are pistons on the two sides if the U. The brake pads lined on inside the U, and the brake disc is inside of the brake caliper. The main job of brake caliper is to slow the vehicle's wheels by creating friction with the rotors. It will squeeze the brake pads against the surface of the brake rotor to slow or stop the vehicle. In a word, brake caliper is the part that literally stops the vehicle.
As when brake caliper works, it is exposure to intense heat created by pressing the brake pads, so it would go out eventually. And a defective brake caliper would not only interfere with the vehicle's braking and handling but also put drivers' safety at risk. So you should be aware of some symptoms of a faulty brake caliper to alert for potential dangers. First, brake fluid leakage. Second, abnormal sounds come from the wheels when braking. For example, high pitched noises or sudden thud or impact sounds. Third, the vehicle pulls to the left or right. Once your Hyundai starts to show these signs, you probably should get a new Hyundai brake caliper replacement. It is well-known that Hyundai is notable for safety equipment, so Hyundai brake caliper is a great choice for enhancing your driving safety.
Accent brake caliper or Veloster brake caliper are all available at our website at the lowest price. These OEM brake calipers are backed by Hyundai's warranty and would be delivered at the fastest speed. Moreover, genuine Hyundai brake caliper from us is more durable, reliable and in higher quality than any aftermarket brake calipers.

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