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Genuine Hyundai Clutch Disc

Friction Disc
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We offer a full selection of genuine Hyundai Clutch Discs, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Friction Disc results by selecting the vehicle.

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About Hyundai Clutch Disc

Clutch disc is always found at a vehicle equipped with manual transmission system, which actually is favored by many drivers who love to control over power and acceleration. The clutch disc is a rotating metal plate located between engine's flywheel and the clutch pressure plate. The main job of the clutch disc is to connect the engine to the transmission's input shaft, which allows a short separation between them and then makes you to shift gears effortlessly and easily. When the clutch is engages, the clutch disc would squeeze between the clutch pressure plate and the flywheel to make sure power from engine to be transmitted to the manual transmission.
As a faulty clutch disc would make your manual transmission impotent so that your car could not move, so its proper operation is critical. In order to avoid drivability problem, you should know the signs of defective clutch disc and get it replaced in time. First, difficulty in shifting gears. Second, clutch may slip or shudder. Third, engine will rev but speed will not increase and the vehicle will not move. Fourth, vibration or jerking when clutch is released. Finally, squealing or chirping sound. As clutch disc is made of similar material to brake pads, it is also very vulnerable and should get maintained during your servicing interval. Once your Hyundai vehicle is experiencing these symptoms, you are supposed to get a new Hyundai clutch disc because Hyundai clutch disc is always best for your Hyundai car.
We offer genuine Hyundai clutch discs for nearly every Hyundai model varying from Hyundai Excel to Hyundai Santa Fe at the lowest price in the market. These OEM clutch discs are backed by Hyundai's warranty, so you can trust them in reliability, quality and durability. What's more, hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service are our promises to every customer. Compared to expensive cost of repair shop, you might as well replace the Hyundai clutch disc by yourself, which is very simple though.
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